Thank you for your interest in participating on Relative Race Season 4! We fully support your curiosity and sense of adventure.

Relative Race is a reality show like no other. Using the power of DNA connection, the show uncovers unknown living relatives of four teams – comprising two family members each – who race throughout America on a 10-day genetic journey of a lifetime.

You are one of those relatives. Our professional genealogy team has confirmed your relationship to one of our Season 4 contestants through both DNA testing and extensive assembly of your family trees.

Your newly-discovered connection to this contestant will play a vital role in the show as they race toward the finish line in hopes of a $50,000 grand prize. You will interact with your newfound relative, discover valuable information about who you are, and gain a greater awareness of where you came from.

Lastly, in case you need any more incentive, you will be compensated for your involvement.

A one day (24 hour) commitment is required for participation on this show. This day will fall sometime between May 7, 2018 and May 18, 2018. A producer will confirm with you the exact date we’ll need your participation.

As we move forward we’ll need to gather some basic information necessary to the show’s production. Rest assured, Relative Race takes your personal privacy very seriously and will safeguard any information you provide.

Thank you for your time! One of our producers will reach out to you shortly.

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