Thank you for your interest in participating on Relative Race  Season 2!

Relative Race is unlike any other reality show viewers have seen before. Using the remarkable power of AncestryDNA this show uncovers unknown living relatives of four married couples who will race throughout America on a 10 day journey of a lifetime.

Your connection to one of these contestants has been determined by the genetic matches found through AncestryDNA. Your newly discovered connection will play a very important role in the show as they race towards the finish line. You’ll interact with your newfound relative, discover and learn valuable information about who you are, and gain a greater awareness of where you came from.

As we move forward we will need to gather some information that is necessary to the show’s production. Only a one day (24 hour) commitment is required for participation on this show. This day will fall between the dates of September 9, 2016 – September 19, 2016. A Producer will confirm with you which day we will need your participation.

Lastly, you will be compensated for your involvement.

Rest assured Relative Race takes your personal privacy very seriously and will safeguard any information you provide.

To find out more about Relative Race please visit

Thank you for your interest, but participation is no longer needed for Season 2.