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Snowbird upgrades wireless with Ruckus

Lenzworks has been doing video production in Utah for Snowbird Ski Resort for over a decade now.
We’ve helped Snowbird grow from a branding standpoint and also in showcasing their amazing world class resort.
We’ve also served Ruckus Wireless, one of Silcon Valley’s top wireless hardware companies, for over 6 years now- pumping out close to 100 branding and client profile videos. Well, now Ruckus has found Snowbird!
That’s right, Snowbird has recently installed Ruckus hardware throughout their resort, and the difference is being
seen every day by their staff and their guests. Check it out!

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Relative Race wins National Award for Best New Reality Show!

We’re usually not big on entering for and receiving awards here at Lenzworks, buuut…when someone enters FOR YOU and you win, well, then I guess you can toot the

horn just a bit.  We’re proud to announce that on February 8th in New York City, the National Cynopsis TV Awards named  Relative Race as a Co-Winner with NBC Sports in

the category of “Best New Reality Series / Competition”  Honorable mentions included Esquire, Food, Lifetime and Logo networks.  When it comes to video production in

Salt Lake City, we’re not exactly L.A. (thank goodness*)  So winning with the heavy hitters in other states sure feels good. The Cynopsis Awards is a national competition

and is judged by industry professionals including programming executives and media developers.  It’s truly an honor to accept this award. Lenzworks originally developed Relative Race

in cooperation with our broadcast partner BYUTV.  Season 2 premieres Sunday March 5th 9pm ET on BYUTV or online at We are currently in production for Season 03.

The show continues to improve each season both in production quality, story telling, and the amazing family connections that are discovered on the show.

The crew for Season 03 is currently 40 plus people. A huge thanks and congratulations to everyone’s hard work that made this award happen.

Here is a link to check it out:

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Relative Race Season 3 casting now!

Casting is underway for Season 3 of Lenzworks and BYUtv’s hit show Relative Race.  If you or someone you know is looking to find their family, then go to and submit a video to be considered for the show.  We’re looking for fun people with interesting stories, so spread the word!  Here’s a video promoting the casting call- enjoy.


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Relative Race Season 2 is coming

Lenzworks and BYUtv’s hit show Relative Race is closing in on it’s Season 2 debut!  Last year was a great first kick off season, but Season 2 is filled with some amazing production and even more meaningful stories and family connections! Not to mention the prize money this year is now up to 50 grand! Not a bad pay day for a road trip finding family you never even knew you had…  There are very few Salt Lake City video production companies that can produce network quality TV. But Lenzworks is proud to put our name on this show and can’t wait to get response from audiences nationwide when the show debuts on BYUTV and on March 5th 2017.   Here some teasers to get your pumped up for the season…



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Relative Race is on!

The Lenzworks team has done it again… creating an innovative approach to TV / Web programming.

This time our LW minds teamed up with BYUtv to create a new reality show concept involving

a race that ultimately ends up connecting couples with relatives they never knew they had.

Relative Race (currently airing Season 1 on BYUtv.  starts 4 couples in San Francisco

and follows them as they race across the United States. Each day the couples race to

a new city, then must complete a challenge before meeting a new relative they didn’t know existed.

Then they have to spend the night with them!

Each day the couples are given different “allotted times” and the team that goes OVER their allotted time the most receives a “strike”. If a couple gets three strikes,  they get sent home.  It’s fun, exciting, dramatic and emotional as the couples try to reach New York City and compete for a grand prize of $25,000!

Lenzworks co-created the show with executives from BYUtv and then teamed up with experts at  to tap in to Ancestry’s new DNA database. The DNA database was used as the blueprint to trace contestants bloodlines across the country and identify relatives in specific cities. The relatives were then contacted and agreed to be on the show.

With a team of 25 hard working professionals, Lenzworks shot the entire season last fall and the show premiered in February.  Hosted by Lenzworks Co-Owner and Executive Producer Dan J. Debenham, the show is getting a ton of attention on social media and is gaining a loyal audience.

“Everyone in the industry I have explained the show to has said WOW, that’s a great concept. Is it for sale? And the best part is that we are actually seeing families grow as a result of the show” says Debenham.

Senior Lenzworks Producer Kelsey Blasdell explains that this show is unlike anything the company has

ever undertaken:  “It’s been a team effort in every way. We’ve had so many details to get right with 4 traveling

crews going cross country that it has forced us all to work smarter and in a more collaborative way than

we ever have before”

From a technical standpoint the show has been a big challenge. 4 cars with multiple cameras working,12 main cameras and almost 40 TB of raw data collected in the field in just 10 days!

“Daunting is how I would describe it”  says Lenzworks Co-Owner and Director of Production Tom C. Zdunich.

“It’s so much prep work to account for anything that can happen at anytime during a 12-14 hour time span.

And there is literally no take 2! We truly do capture this show in REALITY and that makes it extremely challenging technically.”

Stay tuned for more info on Relative Race in the weeks to come…



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Nat Geo Wild show leads Sharkfest

Sharkfest on National Geographic Wild was a huge success this year

with Lenzworks Productions, a Utah based video production company, delivering the program United Sharks of America to the network. The show, focusing on the top spots in the US that you are most likely to get bitten by a shark, was a ratings splash helping to bring Sharkfest’s numbers up by 44% from the previous year.

In fact, executives at Nat Geo Wild chose to lead their primetime kickoff of Sharkfest

with the show, airing twice in the 7-9pm Sunday time slot. United Sharks of America was the highest rated premiere of the week with almost double the channel average. Huge congrats to the entire

team at Lenzworks that pulled of fantastic show in the end!  This just goes to show that video production in Utah doesn’t just have to be about Sundance and National Parks all the time!

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