Sharkfest on National Geographic Wild was a huge success this year

with Lenzworks Productions, a Utah based video production company, delivering the program United Sharks of America to the network. The show, focusing on the top spots in the US that you are most likely to get bitten by a shark, was a ratings splash helping to bring Sharkfest’s numbers up by 44% from the previous year.

In fact, executives at Nat Geo Wild chose to lead their primetime kickoff of Sharkfest

with the show, airing twice in the 7-9pm Sunday time slot. United Sharks of America was the highest rated premiere of the week with almost double the channel average. Huge congrats to the entire

team at Lenzworks that pulled of fantastic show in the end!  This just goes to show that video production in Utah doesn’t just have to be about Sundance and National Parks all the time!