One of Utah’s fastest growing universities, Southern Utah University in Cedar City recently hired the Utah based video production team at Lenzworks to handle principal photography for a school documentary. The video is centered around the unique story of the schools history and the involvement of the Utah pioneers in settling the area and establishing a higher education institution. The week long production involved dozens of actors, horses and time period re-creations. Lenzworks long time DP and seasoned pro Travis Babcock led the team as DP along with veteran DP Andy Bork (camera), Mike Fugal (sound) and Shane Harder (drone / AC).

Our team used the newest video production technology with the Sony A7S cameras and the Shogun 4K recorders. This allowed for pristine images and a portable, flexible solution to cinematic image acquisition. These cameras were paired with the new DJI Inspire Drone helicopter for aerial shots, allowing the 4K workflow to be seamless, even in the air.

SUU Communications Department Chair and director, Jon Smith coordinated the entire Utah production with a team of students and former SUU grads as actors and extras. Many of the scenes were difficult “storm of the century” production shots with multiple snow making machines and horses plowing through the snow.

Lenzworks is proud to be a part of the documentary and to have been chosen as a principal vendor. Especially since Lenzworks co-owner Tom Zdunich and producer Kelsey Blasdell are SUU alumni!