Through our lenz, it just works.

Lenzworks is a Utah-based video production company specializing in high-concept creative services for clients worldwide. With some of the most talented professionals in the country, our Salt Lake City facility produces award-winning television programming, marketing videos, commercials and broadcast promotions in a quality-controlled and cost-effective manner. Since 2000, our ongoing success has been a result of something simple – word of mouth. Our ability to deliver exactly what our clients need has them telling others to call Lenzworks. Our company philosophy is to bring fresh ideas and innovative approaches to every project while developing lasting relationships. Through our Lenz, it just works!

The Crew.

Tom Zdunich


After a 7 year career in network television, Tom founded Lenzworks in 1997. A 15 year pro in image acquisition and post production, Tom oversees all aspects of production at Lenzworks.

From creative development to shooting and editing, Tom’s technical skill and creative thinking keep raising the quality control bar for every project Lenzworks puts out.


Dan Debenham

Principal / Executive Producer

Dan’s innate ability to work with clients to achieve their visual ideas is at the root of the Lenzworks creative process. Dan possesses a unique ability to take an existing idea to a new level, and help clients develop original concepts that take them far beyond what they thought was possible.

Prior to joining Lenzworks, Dan spent 7 years at ESPN hosting Scholastic Sports America and SportsCenter. He continues to work as a national on-air talent for NBC and hosts several of Lenzworks projects.


Stephanie Dinsmore

General Manager

Stephanie’s passion for video production originally started in journalism where she investigated local and national consumer stories for the ABC and CBS affiliates in Salt Lake City. She also has a double major in Journalism and Psychology from the University of Utah.

With a keen eye for detail, Stephanie enjoys working with clients in bringing their vision to life in the form of videos, commercials and TV shows.
When Stephanie isn’t busy working with clients, she’s usually found “researching” reality television and celebrity “news”.


Jamey Gregory

Creative Director

Born with a strong imagination Jamey grew up wanting to be an astronaut but couldn’t do fractions. Next he wanted to be a paleontologist until his dad said “They’re all dead“. Then he became a pilot but developed a fear of birds.

Jamey decided to put his imagination to use by writing/directing films and commercials. He has written, directed and produced commercials for Netflix, SodaSteam, Sony, Hasbro, and Protective Life Insurance, among others.

Jamey’s hobbies include: graphic novels, airplanes and crashing his Boosted Board.

Susan Bangater

Business Manager

Susan comes to Lenzworks with 20 years of experience in the media and production industry. Susan was previously at KSL TV in the sales department for 15 years and KTVX TV for 5 years in the New Department.

Susan brings a personable approach with clients and a sincere work ethic. She enjoys spending time with her family, long and beautiful motorcycle rides, and scuba diving. Born and raised in Southern California, Susan moved to Salt Lake City after high school.


Jared Moench

Post Production Supervisor

After producing and directing several award winning short films, Jared Moench discovered that his true passion was in the creation of motion graphics.

With a passion for post-production and design, Jared quickly digested the concepts surrounding motion graphics and quickly became the senior motion graphic artist for BYU Independent Study’s video production team. His motion graphic contributions helped many projects win prestigious awards such as UCEA’s Gold Award.
Jared now works in all aspects of post-production with Lenzworks, but specializes in their motion graphic and 3D animation work.


Madeleine Rasmusen

Associate Producer

Madeleine Rasmusen has been working in television for five years.  She got her start in the industry at BYUtv as a line-producer on the daily sports talkshow: BYU SportsNation. For two years she created and produced her own segment focusing on the personality of student athletes, called “Between the Lynes”.

Maddy is passionate about the film industry, and loves the exhilarating-upbeat atmosphere and constant need to be quick on her feet. She enjoys editing, video production, and the creativity that comes with being in the production industry…And she has a mean three-point shot. Don’t sleep on her past 20 feet.

Daren Smith


Daren Smith has been a senior producer on Relative Race since season four. He attended Brigham Young University and studied sound recording technology with an emphasis in film. He formed his own sound post production company after college and worked on over a dozen films as a sound editor and rerecording mixer.

He co-founded Telekinesis Entertainment in 2009 and started working as a producer and writer, working on films, television shows, documentaries, and commercial videos in Utah.


Ryker Garret

Director of Photography

Ryker grew up always behind the lens. His passion is to create beautiful images and tell moving stories. From studying cinematography to working on countless sets in TV/Film, including working on award winning films premiered worldwide at SXSW Film Festival and Sundance Film festival. His work is seen streaming on Netflix, Hulu and other platforms.

Rebecca Hoyt

Unit Production Manager

Rebecca first worked with Lenzworks as a contestant on Relative Race where she was crowned winner of season three and won $50,000! She fell in love with working behind the scenes and she has since joined the Lenzworks team and worked her way to Unit Production Manager for Relative Race. With a background in Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Rebecca gets to give back to others now…in a very unique way.

Justin Potter

Challenge Producer / Game Wizard

A creative gamer at heart, Justin spends his free time conjuring up gameplat and mechanics for the board games he creates. It was this knack for game design that lead him to join the Lenzworks team to create and administer challenges for Relative Race. He spends his days striving to churn out ever-devious feats for contestants to overcome.

“Being a Challenge Producer is one part Prop Master, one part Set Designer and three parts Creative Wizardry.”

Nathan Wood

Drone Pilot

Nathan Wood’s work ethic and personality make him a stand-out on the Lenzworks team. His attention to detail, consistent commitment to do “what ever it takes” to get the job done comes largely out of his background in the United States Army.

Nathan also has an excellent ability to understand the production process and all the equipment involved.
Along with working in the field all over the world, Nathan is also responsible for maintaining all of Lenzworks’ cameras and production equipment.




Karaah is a multifaceted creator with a passion for TV and film production, the healing arts, and all things dance.

As a producer, Karaah is obsessed with the many ways these skill sets intersect and allow her to bring a rare type of insight into her work. Karaah has enjoyed many opportunities to create and produce content for commercials, TV shows, and films that have aired on BYUtv, Paramount, and CBS among others.

When Karaah is not producing you can find her expanding on her dancing skills by dangling from silks or helping others find their zen.


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